Volume Monitoring, Recording and Alert System


Measurement of volume is often very low key, relying on the periodic dipping of tanks, and reading of tanker delivery meters on return to base. Even then, very often these readings are taken by incompetent staff and miscellaneously “filed” in the security office when they can be lost or destroyed. The same is true with mass measurement such as weigh bridges and production facilities. UniWatch offers a system whereby the content of a tank, the amount of liquid flowing out of a tank or the mass measured is constantly monitored. Every reading has a date and time stamp.

UniWatch offers a wide variety of volume monitoring, recording and alert options

UniWatch samples required parameters at predetermined periods, from the monitored tanks, meters or weighing apparatus and records the results. It is also possible to generate a reading manually if required. Nominated critical parameters can also be programmed into the system.

When the parameter passes through the nominated critical threshold, which could be an upper or lower point, the event is flagged for action. This action could be an immediate alert via SMS and or email. Alternatively a countdown timer starts, which will raise an alert should the condition not be restored within the nominated time.

All records, including parameters passing through critical thresholds, and actions taken are stored on our secure servers. These records are accessible at any time via our Client Login facility on our website. Automated emailed daily reports are also available.

The UniWatch Volume Management System is suitable for these applications and more

Road tankers

Flow rates and quantities

Tank levels high / low

Mass measurement

Weigh bridges

Production volume measurement