Hot Chain Monitoring, Recording and Alert System


Hot chain management is often overlooked. Cooking and maintaining foodstuff at correct temperatures, to preserve the integrity of the product, is most important. The responsibility of proving integrity rests with the manufacturer, producer, storage facility provider, wholesaler or retailer.

Any break in the hot chain can result in spoiling of products and can result in foodstuff becoming unsafe for consumption.

Industry standards are dictated by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept (HACCP) as laid down in act No 54 of 1972.

We at UniWatch have developed the technology that can monitor and record the temperatures within the hot chain, to ensure that products remain safe.

Technology to monitor and record the temperatures within the hot chain. Identify variances immediately. 

UniWatch samples temperatures at predetermined periods, from within the monitored equipment, and records the results. Nominated critical temperatures can also be programmed into the system. When the temperature passes through the nominated critical threshold, which can be an upper or lower point, the event is flagged for action.

This action results in an immediate alert via SMS and or email, or start a countdown timer, which will raise an alert should the condition not be restored within the nominated time.

All records, including temperatures passing through critical thresholds, and actions taken are stored on our secure servers.These records are accessible at any time via our Client Login facility on our website. Automated emailed daily reports are also available.


The UniWatch Hot Chain Management System is suitable for these applications and more

Sterilising equipment

Retail Food Sales

Hot water systems


Food production and packaging

Heat exchangers