Cold Chain

Cold chain management is crucial to preserve the integrity of product, from raw material acquisition right up until the consumer uses it.


Hot Chain

Hot chain management is often overlooked. Cooking and maintaining foodstuff at correct temperatures, to preserve the integrity of product, is most important.



Many machines are utilised throughout all industries. Most are costly capital investments, and very often there is no service schedule, and the operators are not skilled in fault diagnoses. Consequently machines are often operated to destruction and fail at the most inopportune time.



Ensuring that boilers, air compressors and other pressure vessels run at correct pressure, is often overlooked in industry. All too often production comes to a halt as a result of lack of air or steam pressure. An even more serious occurrence is when safety valves fail and the pressure vessel fails resulting in long down times and often serious injury or death.



Measurement of volume is often very low key, relying on the periodic dipping of tanks, and reading of tanker delivery meters on return to base. Even then, very often these readings are taken by incompetent staff and miscellaneously “filed” in the security office when they can be lost or destroyed. The same is true with mass measurement such as weigh bridges and production facilities.