Data Analysis Management Solutions

24 hr Secure Client Data Access
Immediate Variance Alerts
24 hr Data Recording

Cold Chain Management

Monitor and record temperatures within the cold chain to ensure that products remain safe and do not spoil

Hot Chain Management

Monitor and record temperatures within the hot chain to ensure that products remain safe and do not spoil

Machine Management

Machines are often operated to destruction and fail at the most inopportune time. We offer an array of monitoring, recording and alert options.

Pressure Management

Avoid pressure failures with a UniWatch monitoring, recording and alert system

Volume Management

The content of a tank, the amount of liquid flowing out of a tank or the mass measured is constantly monitored, providing date and time stamps at each reading

Welcome to UniWatch products and systems

At UniWatch we can assist in the management of your company by recording of, and reporting on, any aspect of industry, manufacturing, transport or storage operations.

What is UniWatch?

UniWatch is a record data collection system, sampled from your process, whether it be industrial, manufacturing, storage or product delivery. Data is sampled at predetermined times, and provides a permanent irrevocable record.

Furthermore UniWatch can be set up to advise you of variances or deviations from the required norms and alert you in real time of that deviation or error. This communication could be in the form of an SMS and or email to the Quality Control Manager, or other nominated responsible persons. It is even possible to send the communication to your customer if desired.

Collect. Record. Alert.

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System design

UniWatch is ready to design and install a system catering to your requirements wherever a GPRS capability exists.

The design could, for example, facilitate controls to ensure that your product adheres to hot or cold chain requirements as demanded by HACCP.

Custom designed to your requirements

It enables you to control elements of industry, a factory or plant to attain health and safety, or productivity requirements.

We are confident that we are able to design, install and maintain a bespoke system to your needs.


Collection and recording of data

UniWatch collects and records your data at any nominated interval from 5 minutes to 999 minutes.

This data is transmitted to our 24hr control room and is backed up by a remote secure server.

Real time data analysis

The data is transmitted to our dedicated receiver in encrypted format, thereby third party access is restricted/denied.

REAL TIME Notifications

UniWatch notifies you of any event occurring in your operation, in real time. These notifications are sent by SMS or email to any nominated addresses.

Real time alert notifications

The notification could warn you that your cold store is running at an incorrect temperature, your production line has halted, your boiler pressure is too low or any other event which might compromise your operation, product or profitability.

These notifications are sent out immediately, or if desired, after a nominated timeout specified by you, should the event not be restored.

Maintain product integrity

Take charge of temperature variances

Immediate SMS notifications

Identify volumetric deviations

Reduce machine downtime


UniWatch sends daily automated reports to nominated email addresses. This can be used to advise senior management of events occurring after hours. Who was notified, and whether the event was rectified or not.

The report forms part of an invaluable record to prove your product integrity

This report can be send directly to your customers too, giving them data relating to their product under your control. This enables you to offer a daily report to your customer in a transparent manner.

The reports generated are unable to be edited and represent an actual record of events. Our reports are accepted as proof of integrity of product by various inspection authorities.

Access TO data

UniWatch stores all data in a real time environment on our control server. This is backed up to our secure remote server, also in real time.

Real time secure client access

Data can only be accessed by your nominated personnel, via our secure login feature on our website. Alternatively daily generated reports is emailed directly from our control room.

Personnel can be added or removed as desired. All data is presented in PDF format which cannot be tampered with.


Proactive Management

UniWatch provides the necessary historical records, that can highlight

  • seasonal changes,
  • equipment deterioration,
  • need for pre-emptive servicing,
  • changes in recipes,
  • fuel requirements,
  • electricity phasing, etc.

Reduce downtime and unnecessary costs

Onsite equipment

UniWatch equipment installed on site is hard wired to reduce interference commonly experienced in industrial applications.

The systems transmit digital and/or analogue data at a very low current, and does not pose a risk of induction, wifi interference, fire, etc.

 Self powered and GPRS enabled

The Central Control Unit is powered by its onboard battery and recharged by an onboard power supply. This reduces dependence on external power.

All aspects of the control unit are monitored and reported on to ensure ongoing integrity of the system. The panel is tamper proof with the ability to transmit an immediate tamper signal. This can be relayed to Management, Security, etc.

Maintenance and Service

UniWatch maintains and services all equipment installed by us to ensure optimal and reliable service.

30 Years industry experience to back you up

Due to interactive reporting we are able to preventively maintain systems, thereby reducing downtime.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

It is a preventative food safety system, which covers the manufacture, storage, distribution and retailing of food products.

This is the key to food safety

Food safety guidelines apply to food products, from the storage of raw materials, right up until used by the consumer.

UniWatch provide systems that monitor and record temperatures, thus ensuring compliance, safety and peace of mind during food production, transport and storage.